Here's how to reduce your risks:

-always wear your seat belt
-keep a safe distance from other vehicles.
-when stopping, check mirrors and begin braking early and stop smoothly.
-obey the speed limit and all signs and signals.


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Road Safety. It starts with you. Let’s keep the Ontario road safe. Please don’t drink and drive. Wishing you happy and safe driving.

Welcome to Road Experts of Canada , Driving School Mississauga

Road Experts of Canada a Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver Education Course provider. By taking our Ministry-Approved course you will gain Knowledge and experience that will help you to become a Defensive Driver

Our certified instructors includes
Supervisory Driving Instructor will help you to develop safe driving skills and teach you about the rules of the road. An investment made today in Driver Education, will lead to become a Responsible Driver of tomorrow.


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